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World Language Consultants Ltd offers individualised training in a wide range of languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Other languages by arrangement. Our range of language learning solutions can be tailored to your exact needs. We provide a range of both integrated and standalone training formats, enabling you to choose the delivery format that suits you best. Our aim is to provide the most effective way possible of achieving the client's training objectives. Whatever your personal or professional requirements, we offer exactly the right solution to your learning needs.

We offer English lessons in London with highly qualified tutors.

These programmes are tailor-made – a needs analysis test allows you to specify your needs and objectives before the course starts. A One-to-One programme is the best way to quickly improve your general level of English. We cater for many professional areas, including defence, business, marketing, finance, law and international relations. We cover areas such as business presentations, negotiations or meetings, and we help you to develop important communication skills such as telephoning, business correspondence and report writing.

If you want to improve your English, our One to One English language courses are the very best way to learn English in London.
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Specialists English Courses

World Language Consultants Ltd are fully flexible and designed to fit in exactly with your schedule. We can provide tutors and experts at a time that is convenient to you, and courses can be of any length, depending on the nature of your requirements and the level of proficiency you wish to attain. What we offer?

Banking and Finances

Who is this course for?

  • Those who need to improve their knowledge and skills in the area of Financial English
  • Business students coming to complete their studies in the UK or prior to a work placement in the financial sector
  • People who wish to gain an insight into the language of banking and finance
  • Analysts, traders and fund managers
  • Finance and banking executives

What does the course cover?

  • Communicating with clients in a business setting
  • The language of meetings
  • Negotiating and selling
  • Technical financial vocabulary
  • Making appointments and arrangements
  • Reading and writing company reports
  • Writing business letters, memos and e-mail
  • Understanding the financial press
  • Entertaining clients and socialising

 Options includes:

  • Visits to places of interest such as Lloyds of London, the London Metals Exchange and Canary Wharf
  • Briefings with financial experts


Who is the course for?

  • Diplomats and diplomatic staff
  • Military officers, civil servants and business people who work with embassy staff on a regular basis
  • People who need to understand and use the language of international diplomacy in their work
  • NGOs
  • Students of international relations

 What does the course cover?

World Language Consultants Ltd “Belgravia Programme” courses focus on the following areas:

  • Understanding the language of diplomacy and international relations
  • Authentic reading texts from the media, including press releases, communiqués, interviews and statements
  • Writing practice focusing on delivering a powerful message using sensitive and appropriate language
  • Avoiding common pitfalls and ambiguities Speaking activities, including meetings and interviews
  • Public speaking and preparing press briefings
  • Differences between UK and US English
  • Protocol, etiquette and modes of address,
  • Background to international relations and the EU

 Options includes:

  • Visits and briefings with experts

 How long does the course last?

All Language Consultants Ltd are fully flexible and designed to fit in exactly with your schedule. We can provide tutors and experts at a time that is convenient to you, and courses can be of any length, depending on the nature of your requirements and the level of proficiency you wish to attain .

Legal English

 Who is this course for?

  • Non-English-speaking lawyers and other legal professionals who wish to perfect their language skills
  • Those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the language and traditions of the British legal process
  • Legal students intending to study in an English institution
  • People whose job requires them to have a good working knowledge of legal English terminology

 What does the course cover?

  • Understanding and using legal English including formal terms and expressions
  • Reading practice using authentic documents such as Law
  • Reports, judgments and decisions from the High Court and the House of Lords, reports of leading cases
  • Drafting legal documents such as contracts and opinions
  • Developing advocacy and debating skills
  • Background to the English and Scottish legal systems
  • Focus on European and International Law
  • Listening practice including Parliamentary debates and legal programmes from TV and radio

 Options includes:

  • Watching cases at the High Court and the Old Bailey
  • Background briefings with legal experts

PR & Marketing

 Who is the course for?

  • Public Relations Officers and Marketing Managers
  • Sales and Marketing professionals
  • Journalists, marketers and publicity staff
  • Those who wish to gain a better understanding of how to use English to promote an organisation, product or service in an international, English-speaking environment.

 Who does the course cover?

  • Formulating a PR, Marketing and Communications strategy
  • Using the full range of presentation techniques and styles
  • Dealing with the Press, media and speaking in public
  • Answering difficult questions and handling feedback
  • Creating a powerful sales message in English
  • Voice and body language training
  • Practise in using the language of PR and marketing
  • Using digital video technology
  • Writing press releases, profiles, and advertising copy
  • Surveys, questionnaires and opinion polls
  • Analysing PR, Marketing and Communications literature and broadcasts;
  • Avoiding PR pitfalls and mistakes
  • Overview of the UK and US media and marketing context

 Options include:

  • Optional briefings with British marketing and PR experts

Defence and Security

 Who it is the course for?

  • Senior Military Personnel and security professionals
  • Support and auxiliary staff
  • Those who wish to develop their English language skills in t he context of security and defence

 What does the course cover?

  • Learning and using the language of security and defence
  • Technical terms, glossaries and jargon
  • Analyis and discussion of the current global situation
  • Developments in communications technology and defence Equipment
  • Speaking skills, including making presentations and dealing with the Media
  • Reading practice – including texts taken from the English and American Press, specialist security and defence publications and technical material
  • Intensive listening and comprehension practice, using specialist practice material, radio and TV broadcasts and radio broadcasts
  • Proficiency and progress tests

 Options include:

  • Visits to places of interest, such as historic Greenwich, the Imperial War Museum and Duxford (aircraft museum)
  • Briefings with military and defence experts

Government and Admin

Who is the course for?

  • Government ministers and other officials
  • Civil servants and other administrators
  • Those working in the public sector who need to develop their English language skills and understanding of the legislative and administrative process in the Britain
  • Students of government and administration

 What does the course cover?

  • Understanding and using the language of government
  • Detailed analysis and practice in using formal expressions
  • Reading practice using government publications including reports and policy documents (green and white papers)
  • Writing instruction and practice using documents relating to the administrative process – minutes of meetings, internal memos and press releases
  • Technical jargon and acronyms
  • Speaking practice, including meetings and interviews, public speaking and speech-writing
  • Intensive listening practice using broadcasts of debates from Parliament, discussions,TV and radio programmes with a political focus

 Options include:

  • Visits to places of interest, eg The Houses of Parliament, Whitehall, Greater London Assembly, council meetings
  • Background briefings on the current political situation by experts in the fields of government and politics

Specialist Intensive English course

 Who is the course for?

  • Business and general students of English
  • People who wish to improve their general and professional English in as short a time as possible
  • Those who wish to stay in London and learn English, but
    do not necessarily have a specific professional focus

 What does the course cover?

  • Speaking and listening in English
  • Reading and writing English texts
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Using social English in a range of contexts
  • Professional English
  • Making appointments and arrangements
  • Meeting people and going out
  • Finding information and problem solving
  • Understanding radio and TV programmes
  • Differences between British and American English
  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Revision test and advice on self-study techniques

 Options include:

  • Visits to places of interest including Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London,
  • Excursions to Oxford, Cambridge, Stonehenge and Bath
  • Opportunties to meet English-speaking professionals

International Business English

English communication skills training aimed at improving your ability to build and develop international commercial relationships.

Suitable for:

Professionals working across borders in international sales and marketing who require English to present, conduct negotiations and maintain effective communication with their international colleagues and clients. Aimed at business development professionals, international account managers, sales managers and marketers.

 Major areas of focus:

  • Commercial vocabulary for your role
  • The language to handle objections and overcome obstacles
  • Listening skills for effective commercial meetings
  • The language for successful team management

 On completion:

  • More effective and persuasive representation of your organisation and products
  • Increased interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrable competitive advantage when working internationally
  • More effective liaison with your international colleagues and clients

 Optional enhancements:

  • Post-programme individual mentoring
  • Working lunch with the tutor


Two weeks (40 hours), one-on-one or group (max 2 ) tuition Plus on average 2 hours daily homework


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[Accommodation with an English Family can be arranged at additional cost].

Languages we offer:

Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, Eastern European Languages, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

"The course was well organised and the tutors were of a high calibre. I was made to feel at home in a convivial atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. Despite its short duration due to my commitments back home, I found the course to be of great benefits and highly informative."


"I am writing to thank World Language Consultants for their efforts and professionalism in making my intensive period of studying English with you such a good personal and professional experience. I certainly notice the benefits of my improved standard of English when communicating with English-speaking business contacts. I would certainly recommend World Language Consultants Ltd. to any of my colleagues or friends who need to rapidly improve their standard of written and spoken English."

Patricio Costa, AntarChile SA

"A note to thank you and the two excellent Arabic teachers you allowed me to share... ... The teaching was first class."